Sunday, January 9, 2011


Do you know about these little pockets of delight?

If not – You should. They are amazing. My friend Jess brought over the pan for Ebelskivers (Dutch pancakes). We had a blast putting our little pancakes together.

1811 062

Here are Nicole and Jess having a Ebelskiver battle!

1811 061

1811 063

Don’t try and steal hers our she might fight you!

1811 064

Here is a close up of our little friends. It’s a light and fluffy batter and then you get to add a filling of your choice. We filled ours with savory breakfast meats and cheese. And after our dinner of stuffed shells we added sweet fillings like chocolate chips to the middle. Mmmmmm so yummy!

The only problem is that the pan is expensive. So I’m on a hunt to find one at a bargain price.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

She's Crafty...

She's Just my type.

I made a baking dish for my friend Ellen. She is a rock star. She's down to earth and just an all around great girl. I pulled her for our Christmas Gift exchange that we do every year in my English department. I was super excited to pull her name because I knew she would enjoy a great craft.

My friend Tasha over at Creation Corner hosted a wonderful tutorial session and I saw this and new it would be perfect for Ellen.

I didn't take wonderful pictures.

But here is the before and after.

oooOOOoooo aaaAAAaaahhhHhh Wow!

She loved it and told me she would have it for the rest of her life!

May she live to be an old wrinkly lady with a house full of love and grandbabies!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Blond Ambition

So I have a fabulous new hair cut. And my wonderful hairdresser put some brown in so I feel like I look like a whole different person.

While I have been on school vacation, I saw a documentary on Locks for Love and got inspired. Here is my one problem. They don't take died hair.

I have been dying my hair for close to 15 years. And have recently come to the conclusion that I'm okay with having my natural hair color come back*. You see, I have always wanted to donate hair to Locks for Love - but have been a bit too vain in the hair department to give up the bottle. So I'm going to see how it goes. Is there a 12 step program for people who have this problem?

Hi My Name is Kelly Parsons and I am a hair-dye-aholic, the last time I used the bottle was January 3rd 2011.

My hair also grows very quickly so I would only have to be bothered with long hair for about a year or so. I would have to donate a minimum of 10 inches.

Another part of this decision is based on the fact that Clarol has changed their chemicals and it burned my scalp and has left scabs. It was kind of intense. I could hear it sizzling on my scalp. But I pushed on and thought - pain is beauty.

Or maybe it wasn't my scalp burning it was my brain cells dying. We may never know.

* I say this now - but when I grow it out and start finding gray hairs I may have a completely different mind set.
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