Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some random pictures and thoughts.

Nicole and Sunny are two of my dearest friends. This is a picture of us at CADA - a leadership camp for teachers. On the last night there is always a big dance party. So we get dressed up and play the night away. The whole idea is for schools to book the DJ for dances and events. So they give all the teachers a big party. Lots of good food and wonderful music. Let me tell you - we danced the night away. Sunny is one of the best dancers I know. It was a wonderful night with friends!!

Taco cat! Brendon likes to pretend that Meg is a taco and he is going to have a nice little snack. She pretends to be mad, but we know the truth.

This is Meg the cat trying to hunt a mouse - it did not end well for her, as the mouse got away.

I do not like it when people show off their lack of brain cells - see above. Blurg ...

Friday, April 10, 2009

A great day with friends

Today I went to hang out with my friends Sunny and Nicole. We had a lovely lunch which Nicole prepared for us. A nice cold pasta salad with peppers, onions, basil, salami, and a little Italian dressing. Ice tea and some peta chips and hummus.

We sat and laughed and talked and enjoyed the company.
Nicole and her husband Dave live out in the hills. She lives about 40 minutes from town. In the hills of wine country. It was very cold today in the hills of temecula so she invited us to enjoy a little time in the spa. More laughs ensued and wrinkled fingers soon arived.
Our dear friend Sunny will be getting married this summer so we were trying to help her find flowers that she liked. These were some of the things we looked at and loved!

We liked this option to put up photos of friends and family with a simple bit of twine and cloths pins.

Or this lovely one. Sunny really loves daisies and would like to have mason jars on the tables. We also thought that it would be cool to add cut limes into the jars.

On Monday we will be going with her to the wedding site to help get ideas about flowers and how to make the place very 'Sunny and Dan'. After having been together for 10 years we can't wait to help them celebrate!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The art of...


One of the exciting things about being on spring break (or any break from school for that matter) is going out with my friends to the karaoke bar at pchang. I don't like the fact that smoking is allowed but it's a small price to pay. It's a few great hours with friends, laughter, and there is always one great crazy person.

Last night was no exception. There was a woman who decided that she was going to dance and dance .... and then dance some more. This was not nice calm dancing, no this was an out of control dancing queen. Two girls got up to sing some 80's rap song (i don't even remember what song) and this strange dancing queen - we'll call her DQ for fun - got out on the floor and got her groove on. There was an older man who decided he wanted to dance with her and so DQ started rubbing and loving all over this guy. We were peeing our pants we were laughing so hard. It was as if the music was just making her crazy.

At one point DQ decided to take her top shirt off. We couldn't help by laugh more because the undershirt she had on barely covered her bra. So there we were sitting trying very hard not to point and laugh. But we did a little bit. How could we not. Here we were looking at DQ in all her glory and so we sat and smiled and laughed.

What a wonderful evening.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Schools out for spring break!

For the next two weeks I will be enjoying - sleeping in, going to the gym, reading books, lesson planning, grading papers (well maybe not enjoying), gardening, getting some new clothes, shopping with friends, going out to lunch, seeing the fam, watching movies, hanging out with the hubby, staying up late, and just loving my two weeks off.

I love that the school district made spring break so late this year. I know that it was a long long time in between breaks. and now there will be a solid two weeks where I have very little expected of me. And I'm so okay with that.

What I'm really looking forward to is working on this project for the Holocaust remembrance day on April 21st. I have been working on a grant for school and was able to obtain some very cool tools. There is a program called Captivate (Adobe) and it has a lot of cool capabilities that I am looking forward to playing with. I want to be able to present to my students the voices of history that have been silenced and the voices of today that continue not to be heard.

It's giong to be a great adventure.
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