Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday, I’m in love!

Why is it that Friday can always make everything better?

Friday and a Sonic Cranberry-Limeade - That makes it ten times better. Especially when I'm sitting in the 100+ heat with one of my best girl friends talking about her upcoming baby shower.

Now I won't talk too much about the MILLIONS of craft ideas that I have floating around in my head. I know that she sometimes stumbles onto my blog and I don't want to ruin any surprises. But I can tell you that I want to make almost everything that comes from Creation Corner.

There is nothing like a good craft that can't lift my spirits. I am going to attempt to arrange my craft room a little better because right now it's a pig sty  a little unorganized. I am very lucky that my mom is letting me borrow her sewing machine.

A couple of weekends ago Joann’s had a major sale and I got some items that will help me create wonderful little treats for Nicole’s little boy. They also had patterns on sale. I had no idea how much patterns cost. Holy Cow! I am so glad that I live in the time of the internet tutorial. But thinking about it for a moment, I think 50 years ago I would have taken a home ec. class and learned how to make my own patterns.

I also have some very clever friends who make their own patterns. I’m telling you – AMAZING stuff is just within my reach.

Nicole is going to be a wonderful mother. She has been a fantastic friend to me over the last 7 years and I feel so blessed to have such a friend in my life. I can’t wait to meet her little man. I know that the fun we have had over the years will only continue – we’ll just have her baby in tow.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time management

As I sit here avoiding those papers sitting on my kitchen table, I am thinking about time management. How do I use my time? Am I happy with all of the things I can get done in a day?

The answer is most often - I haven't done enough. There is not enough time to do everything I want. I want to be able to spend time on my lesson plans. Spend time grading papers and getting assignments into the gradebook. Clean the kitchen, take the dog for a walk, write in my blog, do some laundry. All of the things I would like to be great at.

But how do you find the time to be perfect? I always feel the need to be the best wife, friend, teacher, daughter, granddaughter, all around great gal.

But alas it's not to be.

Recently I have felt overwhelmed with all of the little things I need to do during the day. Verses the things I would like to be able to get done. I would like to be able to go and visit with my gramma. I would like to sit with her and take care of her so my mom can have a break.

But there are papers to grade. lessons to write and so many other 'things' that need to be done.

The school year has started out well. I like all of my classes so far. I have a lot of students that I had last year. So that makes it a little easier to remember names. I have almost everyone down, except a few girls that always seem to look a like.

We will be gearing up soon for homecoming and various other events during the school year. So the train of work will keep on chugging along.

I'm lucky that I have a wonderful husband and good friends to keep me afloat.
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