Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baby Blankies

I was super excited to make two little blankies for my friends upcoming babies. So I googled ribbon blanket and found this AMAZING tutorial

I looked at it a few times and went for it.

Liam's trip and earlier 003 First I found all of my ribbons. I like to scrapbook and so I went digging through my stash to see what I could find.

Liam's trip and earlier 006

So I made sure I was clever enough to put the right sides together. It was a little hard because I am a beginner sewer. Flannel is hard to figure out people! Both sides are soft!

Liam's trip and earlier 007

Once I figured out the fabric, I made sure to set out all of the ribbons. That was the fun part. Cut the ribbons to 5” strips. Fold them in half and then pin them in the right spot. Remember to put in markers so you have a spot to flip the piece right side out.

Liam's trip and earlier 009

Here are all of the ribbons pinned in place. I put 5 ribbons on each side. So there would be an amazing 20 ribbon pieces total.

Liam's trip and earlier 010

Then I sewed and sewed until my heart was full of joy.

Liam's trip and earlier 012

I flipped it inside out – or right side in. This one is for my friend Sunny’s little girl. We don’t know the name yet. Sunny won’t tell us. I have had two dreams about the name – So far if I’m right the child’s name will be Cherry Zuzu or Concept Zoe. I’m sure whatever Sunny ends up picking – it will be wonderful (and I’m sure cooler than my weird dream names)

Liam's trip and earlier 016

Here is what the finished edging looks like. I went all the way around the blankie again so it would sit flat. It also re-enforces  the ribbons.

I can’t wait to hear how the little pumpkins enjoy their blankies.

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